Roman Empire

Saint Augustine of Hippo

“You say, the times are troublesome, the times are burdensome, the times are miserable. Live rightly and you will change the times. The times have never hurt anyone. Those who are hurt are human beings; those by whom they are hurt are also human beings. So, change human beings and […]


Scipio Africanus

The heroic story of a teenager who took on one of the world’s greatest generals. For his entire life, the Roman Empire had been at war. And now the shrewd African general Hannibal had implausibly navigated his herd of elephants over the Alps, leaving thousands dead in his wake. For […]


Marcus Cicero

A boy, weak of body, became a pillar of strength. As the first century approached, a sickly boy was born while the Roman Republic was nearing its ultimate demise. The boy’s life and the country both hung in the balance.   But the strong and determined young man grew to […]