18th Century

Maria Agnesi

Almost broken from the relentless pressure to perform, an anxious child prodigy struggles to break free and find her true calling. All Maria Agnesi wants to do is stay in her room and read books. But her father has other plans for his “little genius.” Thrust into Milan’s elite academic […]


Filippo Mazzei

His loyalty lasted a lifetime… Surgeon, merchant, vintner, and writer Filippo Mazzei influenced American business, politics, and philosophy. Befriending Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, Mazzei was a strong liaison for others in Europe. Mazzei was Jefferson’s inspiration for the most famous line in the Declaration of Independence: “All men are created equal.” Clearly, […]


Alessandro Volta

If asked to list important inventors, few remember to include Alessandro Volta. Yet, Volta is a household name more spoken than that of Alexander Graham Bell, the Wright Brothers, or even Thomas Edison. That’s because the terms “volt” and “voltage” can be attributed to Volta, the inventor of the “Voltaic […]