Pietro Belluschi

The story of how a chance encounter with an Italian countess helped one man reach for the sky and bring us closer to the divine. Luck, talent, and hard work. Pietro Belluschi was blessed with all three—whether crossing paths with Ernest Hemingway or Ayn Rand, surviving World War I battlefields, […]


Filippo Brunelleschi

Sometimes your greatest accomplishment comes after your greatest disappointment. One of the founding fathers of the Renaissance, Filippo Brunelleschi was more than an Italian designer.  Brunelleschi made his mark in architecture and construction. In his early years, sculpting was Brunelleschi’s passion.  But after being passed over for a major commission, […]


Andrea Palladio

From ancient ruins he carved a staircase to his dreams and a style that continues to instill beauty and harmony across the world. In a time when birth and class determined one’s destiny, Andrea Palladio’s father recognized there was nothing common about his son and vowed to nurture his gifts. […]