Middle Ages

Saint Thomas Aquinas

Entering the world with a burning desire for knowledge, Thomas Aquinas set out on a quest for truth that forced him into captivity. But his thirst for truth never wavered.  Known today among many as the most brilliant light of the Church, Aquinas was a Catholic priest and a Doctor […]


Saint Francis of Assisi

His neighbors thought he was spoiled and lazy. His teachers found him incorrigible. His own father believed he was crazy. His mother never doubted that he was a true son of God. Arrogant and grandiose, young Francis di Bernardone was an embarrassment to his family and a source of amusement […]


Cosimo de’ Medici

Born into privilege at the end of the 1300s in an age of turmoil, Cosimo de’ Medici, heir to the Medici banking fortune, grew up surrounded by poverty, corruption, and war. Reserved and soft-spoken yet charismatic and determined, Cosimo vowed to use his wealth for the greater good, manipulating his […]