Scipio Africanus

The heroic story of a teenager who took on one of the world’s greatest generals. For his entire life, the Roman Empire had been at war. And now the shrewd African general Hannibal had implausibly navigated his herd of elephants over the Alps, leaving thousands dead in his wake. For […]


Louis Palma di Cesnola

He fought for himself. He fought for his country. He fought for acceptance. As the son of an Italian count, Cavalry Colonel Louis Palma di Cesnola had more military experience than most of the leading officers in the Civil War. Objecting to his general’s orders, di Cesnola led his men into […]


Giuseppe Garibaldi

For the love of country. For the love of freedom. For the love of a woman. He fought. Giuseppe Garibaldi yearned for a world of equality, liberty, and freedom for all nations, races, and genders. America had long claimed her independence from England, yet his beloved Italian peninsula was in […]