To train the greatest, he had to be the greatest.

On the streets of South Philly, Angelo Dundee learned what it took to survive—a sense of purpose, a clear head, and sometimes . . . a powerful right uppercut. Boxing was the family business and the ring was his home.

A skilled trainer and cut man, Dundee intuitively adapted to whatever his fighter needed, be it doctor, therapist, drillmaster, or friend. With gauze and liniment or a well-timed joke, Dundee knew how to keep his guy in the fight and instill confidence in the bleakest of final rounds. For the boxing legends of our time, including Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard, there was no one else they wanted in their corner.

“An inspiring story of a man’s ascendancy from obscurity to greatness. A journalistically rigorous depiction of both Angelo Dundee and boxing.”


By Jonathan Brown

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Jonathan with Laila Ali